Formed in August 2014, the Mothership Centre (Anyahajó Központ) is a team of enthusiastic mothers who work tirelessly towards organising the young families of the Attila József Housing Estate and beyond into a supportive community. The Mothership is fueled by the diverse talents and abilities of our members, all of whom freely volunteer their time.  This is how we have our very own graphic designer, marketer, crochet instructor, web designer, blog writer, and the list goes on. Indeed, our motto is “Everyone is good at something”, and we encourage our fellow mothers to use their existing knowledge, or try their hands at something completely new.

Our biggest priority for the coming period is finding a permanent home for ourselves. By securing our own space, we will not only reach a new level of independence and flexibility, but we’ll also be able to open our doors to mothers seeking company almost any time of day.

For more information, please contact Edina Nemesné Singer at